June 2017: [How to Kill It with 3 Pay Periods]

Well, hello there June.

Budget irregular income AND 3 pay periods

Why does it seem like life is always CRAZY?  I am FINALLY getting around to posting our June budget (yup, almost mid June, oops)  And, I will be talking about how to use a three pay period month for your benefit.   Three pay periods are the best.  Plus it is summer.  And my distraction-ability is high.  Or it could be the lack of sleep?  I have been working my buns off at my side hustle job (waitressing) about 10+ hours per week in addition to my 42-48+ hour per week big girl job.  Holy moly.  The unfortunate thing is the my butt is not literally being worked off because I get unlimited cheese sticks and boneless chicken wings.  FAIL.

This month for us is the holy grail of debt pay-off months because we have an extra pay period.  YAY.  Love 3 pay period months.  In the past, we have blown right through this money.  All the summer sales and activities!   This time, we have a plan.  100% goes to DEBT.  Someday, we will be able to have fun with this money again.  But this year, to debt it goes.  My 2018 dream is to use these to save for amazing vacations.  This is just what FINANCIAL FREEDOM means.  FREEDOM back to use your money for things you LOVE, no just your obligations.  Debt is suffocating, isn’t it?  I finally feel like I am starting to breath.

Make those 3 pay periods count for something amazing.

Our goal is to pay off my Jeep by July 2017.  This means putting about $5,000 each month to my car.  AKA practicing the fine art of self control like it is our job.  And we are BOTH SPENDERS.  Say a prayer for us that the $5,000 makes it to the bank and gets applied to my car!  (Still wondering if you are a spender or a saver?  Take the QUIZ here.)

We budget with irregular income.

So, without further ado, here is out June budget.  I strive to be very transparent, so our base income for this month is $6,411.  We budget with irregular income.  The hubs income and my side hustle income go up and down.  So this is the amount we KNOW will be coming in for the month of June.   Oh and if you are new to budgeting, or just love our budget layout below, you should start budgeting FOR FREE with Every Dollar.  It is seriously THE BEST.  Read more about why here.

June 2017: 3 Pay Periods

June: Kill it with 3 pay periods

June 2017: Kill it with 3 pay periods

June 2017: Kill it with 3 pay periods

June 2017: Kill it with 3 pay periods

Well folks, that is a wrap on June for now!  We will share our “AFTER” post t the end of June to better illustrate how life with irregular income looks.   Face it, if you have irregular income a BUDGET is soooooo important.  I would like to make the argument it is more important than those with regular income.  (probably each have their benefits and downsides!).   No more excuses.  If you do not have a budget, get one today!   Still too overwhelmed?  Start here friend. Or go listen here.  You can do it!

Happy Debt Slaying.