The best things in life are not free.  But some good things are.

Have a No [unnecessary] Spending Month.


Here is my no spend tracker to help you stay on task and cut down on unnecessary buying.  What is better, that latte or coloring in a little box?  If you are a nerd like me, coloring in all the little boxes will be the most fun you will have with goal setting .  Enjoy!

My rules for No Spend Days were avoiding buying anything that was not a need.  Gas for my car to get to work, paying our bills, and buying ONLY the food on my grocery list do not count as a “spend”.

Love this idea but want more?  Try reading my START guide or learn how to become less materialistic in our overally advertised to generation!


Here is our may in Review!

stop unnecessary spending

Cut down on the unnecessary with the NGW no spend tracker today.